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Conference Theater, Globalization and the Cold War

International Conference organized by Prof. Dr. Christopher Balme (LMU) and Dr. Berenika Szymanski (Bayreuth/LMU)

17.05.2012 – 19.05.2012

The spread of communism constitutes one of the most significant global phenomena of the 20th century. Marked at turns by military expansion, political annexation and, during the course of the Cold War, also by large-scale ideological warfare, both clandestine and overt, this conflict had a cultural-political dimension conducted by various countries utilising all available media. The conference will focus on the role played by theatre and all forms of theatrical performance during the Cold War. Its purpose is to map, characterize and theorize the theatrical traffic engendered by the spread of communism especially after the Second World War until the end of the Cold War.

For more information and a detailed program visit the conference website.